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February 19, 2013
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O.C's by ArzaldaxEmanks O.C's by ArzaldaxEmanks
2 more O.C's for smurfs that I came up with.

1 O.C

NAME: Manishie (a gypsy name: Can't remember the meaning)

AGE: Adult

LIKES: Singing, talking and being with somebody she knows.

DISLIKES: Pain and being blind.

FRIENDS: Rosette, Cassi-Ema (:iconwarriormoonnight:'s O.C's) The smurfs, Diana and Rita.

CRUSH: Nemesis (she doesn't know he's grandpa's enemy.)

ENEMIES: Not that she knows of.

PERSONALITY: gentle, sweet, understanding, caring, loving and very, very trusting.

THEME SONG: I will be Arvil Lavigne [link]


Manishie was blind for as long as she could remember. To her, the hole world is just pitch black with only voices and sounds and images of her own imagination. She met the smurfs when she moved to the woods near the village, the smurfs knew they could take her to the village because she won't be able to tell anyone where it is but they only liked Manishie because she was just as kind and caring as all of their other friends.

But what the smurfs soon found out that Manishie was also blind to evil and hate and trusted all of the smurfs enemies which made Manishie an easy target for Gargamel, Chlorhydris, Balthazar, Hogatha and all their other enemies. It wasn't long after they realized that, that the smurfs decide they'd try to protect Manishie from the evil she couldn't see.

However, Manishie met Nemesis and developed a friendship with him. Nemesis loved Manishie because she wasn't scared of him, she understood him and she made him feel less then ugly. Manishie understood that Nemesis was a wizard who had lost his charming looks but she made it very clear that she loved him back. Something happened during those few months, Nemesis's evil heart was transformed and he became good and all through the feeling of being loved.

Sadly, it didn't last long. Nemesis realized that if the other villains he had grown soft, they would hurt Manishie. Nemesis had no choice but leave Manishie for her own safety but Nemesis left Manishie not knowing that he had gotten her pregnant with their son. Its a good thing that Manishie has the smurfs to help her take care of the baby boy. (I haven't decided the baby's name or any of his looks except that his eyes are going to be red like his father's but kinda different. I might name the baby Nemo after my cat but I don't know yet)

2 O.C

NAME: Gudrun

AGE: 11

LIKES: running away

DISLIKES: smurfs

PERSONALITY: devious, clever, angry and hateful.

FRIENDS: Scruple, Game Master, Chlorhydris, Hogatha, Balthazar, Gargamel and all the other enemies.


ENEMIES: Diana, the smurfs, and anybody that annoys him

THEME SONG: better off on my own (sum 14) [link]


All his life, Gudrun has had to live on his own. He never had a family or any place to call home. He lost half of his foot in an accident when he was 2 years old and he's been having trouble walking ever since. Probably the only thing Gudrun has ever learned in his short life is how to hate. He was found by Balthazar and he took the boy in only because he could see that the boy had haltered for the world.

From that day on, Gudrun has been hanging out with the evil villains and had been given the nickname "Guddy" by all of his evil friends. Although Gudrun seems bad to the core, Papa smurf believes he's a misguided, misunderstood and mistreated boy and though Gudrun hangs out with the wrong crowd, Papa smurf doesn't think he's evil.
Wow that was A LOT of typing T^T

Cassi-Ema and Rosette are (c) :iconwarriormoonnight:

Rita, Diana, Manishie and Gudrun are (c) me

Others are (c) smurfs/Peyo

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these two look great! :D

i feel sorry for the gypsy girl Manishie when she can't see thing if she's blind.
ArzaldaxEmanks Feb 20, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks :)

Its ok as long as she's with the smurfs, she'll be ok
i do hope you're right. :pray:
ArzaldaxEmanks Feb 20, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Rosette would see & understand how she can not see so she would guide her with her voice speacking to her.
ArzaldaxEmanks Feb 20, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Yeah that would be nice of Rosette.
Rosette would make directions of where the gypsy would follow her.
ArzaldaxEmanks Feb 21, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Yeah that would be a smurfy deed :)
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UncleGargy Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Great stories to these OC's. Even Nemesis gets to have the chance at being loved. Supposed Papa Smurf will be trying to 'steer' Guddy in the right direction.
I used to have a cat called 'Nemo' as well :-)
ArzaldaxEmanks Feb 20, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
Thanks. Yeah and maybe Papa Smurf would be trying to do that.

Cool! What did Nemo look like? :)
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